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Winter Family Activities on a Budget

Winter can be a challenging time for families – especially young families. The pressures financially and socially increase around events like Christmas. Then during the school holidays and weekends, the weather can make it hard to play outside and burn off all that energy, leading to fractious afternoons indoors. Today we’re looking at family activities […]

Why is my child suddenly so clingy

The Rocky Road to Independence – two steps forward, one step back Children don’t gain independence in a neat, linear fashion, steadily getting bolder and bolder as they grow up. Frustratingly for us parents, they actually seem to periodically have a burning need to test how strong and secure their base is before they take […]

How to survive when you feel trapped by breastfeeding or attachment parenting

This post is partly inspired by Sarkozy’s ill-considered words last week, and also by a thread I read on Mumsnet by a mother who is sick of breastfeeding her five month old baby who is refusing to take a bottle. I think the mother is incredibly brave to come out and say what she did. It’s kind […]

How often should I get my baby weighed

Baby weighing is one of those classic contentious issues. Many parents like to have their babies weighed every week, and many health visitors are happy to oblige – in fact many parents are actively encouraged to have their babies weighed so frequently, and this can lead to parents feeling worried and undermined. I assure you […]

The importance of genuineness in parenting.

The formation of relationships is both a conscious and a subconscious process. It is also a physical process requiring the mutual release of the hormone oxytocin. From a physical point of view, you feel good when oxytocin is released and when a particular person’s presence or touch makes you release oxytocin, you naturally want more […]

Creating a guilt-free Christmas

I have long had the impression that Christmas means only presents to children and have therefore tried to ensure mine get what they ask for as far as I possibly can. However, we’re living in hard times now so many of us parents are having to really ask ourselves how we’re going to manage this […]

How do you use your power?

I believe that there are three different things you can choose to do with your power as an adult, and those three things affect how you relate to other adults, they affect how nourishing or harmful your relationships are, and they affect how your children relate to you and how they grow up. In addition, […]

How to free your parenting when your own parents are causing problems

I was asked to write about how to get your parents to understand attachment parenting, but I don’t think that the issue of your children’s grandparents refusing to ‘get’ your style of parenting is one that is unique to attachment parenting. If our children have the sort of grandparents who like to make comments and […]

Family Bonding Time

If your family has just moved to Dallas, or you’re considering moving to Dallas, you’re probably wondering what you can do as a family in the big city. Fear not – Dallas has a plethora of family friendly activities for every interest and age. Here are some ideas for your next family fun night. Education […]

Parenting Tips: How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity: A Global ConcernOne of the most common issues affecting the children globally is Childhood Obesity.This is a peculiar condition in which there is negative effect due to excess body fat on a child’s health and general wellbeing. One of the most common methods to determine body fat is Body Mass Index Calculation or […]