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Building a garden your kids will love

We hear all the time nowadays that children are spending too much time indoors and aren’t making the most of the backyards and the sunshine like adults did “back in the day”. With technology growing increasingly popular and sources of entertainment such as ipads, tvs and laptops becoming more readily available to babies never mind […]

Senior Year: Help Your Child Enter the Fast Lane to College

As the new school year is here, the pressure to take all the tests and score in the top percentile is looming for most students who have college in their sights. In this hugely competitive age where high-schoolers are being told time and again that studying hard and keeping one’s grades up across the board, […]

How to Teach Your Teen to Care for Contact Lenses

Contact lenses offer benefits for people of all ages, including children and teenagers. Since many teenagers are particularly concerned about appearances, lenses are often more favoured than eyeglasses. Yet, to ensure that your teenager safely wears contact lenses, here are 4 tips:  1. Make sure your teenager knows the risks.  Since contact lenses are medical […]

Eye Tests – Why They Are Important for Your Children

If you are the parent of a young child, you are more than well acquainted with all the stresses and the worries that come as part and parcel of that package. Even the slightest cough will set you on edge – is it just a bit of croup, or is it a symptom of something […]

Best iPhone Monitoring Software to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

iPhone have won the hearts of people of all ages, including kids. The latter in particular aren’t just in love with the exclusive feel and superior quality of the device, but also the excellent smartphone experience it offers. As parents, you probably already realize that allowing kids to carry an iPhone, or any other web-connected […]

Carnival Themed Birthday Party Checklist

Carnival Themed parties are bright and colourful parties that are great for all ages! Exciting games, colourful decorations, unlimited entertainment and delicious food all come together to help form an unforgettable birthday party. Don’t wait all year round for the carnival to come to town – create your own amazing party. We will guide you […]

Best Cars for Large Families

If you have a large family, you know choosing a car can be a difficult decision but it is an important one! There’s just too much to consider when picking out a vehicle. It must be large enough to keep everyone comfortable, but have the power and interior options you need to make driving fun […]

What to Keep in the Car When You Have Toddlers

Having children can make car trips a little more difficult than anticipated. You may have to start keeping a small arsenal in the car, to ensure that you are always prepared. Toddlers are no exception to the rule, and having spares of everything they might need is helpful, even if you are just running errands […]

Family Christmas Gifts Ideas

The holiday season is a time to spend with your loved ones and show your appreciation for them. Being able to spend Christmas with the entire family is something to truly be grateful for. To show your gratefulness and care for your kin, here is a list of Christmas gift ideas for every member of […]

Is Your Teenager Ready for Their Own Vehicle?

Being a mom or dad means you have many a laundry list of responsibilities in raising your kid or kids. That said what will you do when the time comes and your teenager wants to drive? Better yet, what response will you have when he or she suggests getting their own vehicle? For many parents, […]