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Best iPhone Monitoring Software to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

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iPhone have won the hearts of people of all ages, including kids. The latter in particular aren’t just in love with the exclusive feel and superior quality of the device, but also the excellent smartphone experience it offers. As parents, you probably already realize that allowing kids to carry an iPhone, or any other web-connected mobile device for that matter, leaves them susceptible to all kinds of digital perversions that are floating freely in cyber space. Ignoring these risks is not an option, which is why your only option is to put your faith in iPhone monitoring software. Fortunately, getting hold of these software has become extremely convenient in recent years. However, you probably don’t want just any iPhone monitoring solution. You want the one that you can safely rely on to keep your kids safe online. To save you the trouble of hunting for such a solution on your own, we’ve done the work for you and listed some of the best offerings in the market. Take a look and decide for yourself if any of the listed software is worth a shot.


StealthMate is one of the best iPhone software for monitoring purposes. It gives you almost every single feature that you can possibly want to ensure kids’ online safety. First and foremost, it lets you follow your youngsters around the web by delivering you the list of URLs they’ve visited. You can simply screen these URLs to see if they’ve been sneaking into inappropriate areas on the web and determine if an intervention has become necessary. Secondly, this iPhone monitoring software gives you access to their mobile communications, including SMS and WhatsApp conversations, along with details such as timestamps and phone number of senders/recipients. You are also delivered the details of their calls, in case you’re worried about them talking to strangers or someone potentially dangerous. Furthermore, there’s the picture logging feature that enables you to prevent your youngsters from putting their safety and reputation at risk by taking and sharing risqué photos online. Aside from the aforementioned features, there’s email logging and location tracking, in case you’re looking for an extra bit of protection. StealthMate is an excellent monitoring solution that isn’t shy of going the extra mile to ensure online safety of your kids.

Mobile Spy

If you have a reason to believe that your kids visit pornographic sites on regular basis, then you should seek help from Mobile Spy. This app comes with a profanity alert feature that notifies you as soon as your kids search about something related to porn. If you notice that this is happening excessively, then you should intervene and explain to your kids how unhealthily and damaging it practice can be. Apart from profanity alerts, this app offers YouTube logging, allowing you to know what videos your kids watch on the popular video-sharing platform. Other than that, it lets you see call details, read instant messages, track locations, view photos, monitor emails, and so much more. It’s a brilliantly designed app that can prove to be quite helpful for protecting your kids from the threats in the online world.

mSpy enables you to keep an eye on different social media messaging platforms. With the help of this solution, you can read messages, including multimedia messages, sent and received through WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, Viber, Snapchat, LINE, Telegram, and Tinder. All of these platforms are quite popular among kids these days, so having an eye on them certainly helps. This iPhone monitoring software also features a handful of other monitoring features that may directly or indirectly serve to keep your kids save from digital threats, e.g. email logging, location tracking, and call monitoring.

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