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Baby Shower Ideas: Great Baby Shower Games to Get Everyone Involved!

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Coming up with unique baby shower ideas is the most common thing that planners stress about. Baby shower gift ideas may come easily, but the entertainment is another story. You must first take into consideration the age groups at the baby shower. If it is a mix between adults and children, the games played at the baby shower should be less complicated and more fun. The games should be a complete hit, depending on your hosting crowd.

Baby bingo is one of the more popular baby shower game ideas. In baby bingo, you hand out a piece of blue or pink paper to every guest. The guest will then draw between 4 and 16 squares on the paper. The number of squares drawn depends on the number of gifts the mom-to-be is opening. Before the mom-to-be opens her gifts, the guest must guess what she will be getting and either draw or write the name in the squares. Whoever guesses enough gifts right to form a line on the paper wins baby bingo.

An exciting idea for the shower guests is a game called prize balloon. This is one of the best baby shower game ideas for a person trying to keep their guests content. To start the game, slip a piece of paper into every balloon with a baby saying inside. Only one paper should read “winner.” At the end of the shower, each guest will pop their balloon, and whoever gets the paper stating they are a winner will get the big prize!

Upbeat games at a baby shower are popular with children and adults. Musical baby bottles are the perfect baby shower game idea for a lively crowd. To start musical baby bottles, you need to fill three bottles with water, sealing only one of the bottles so no liquid will come out. Then, start the music and pass the bottles. When the music stops, the guests with the three bottles will race to drink their water. The person with the sealed nipple will automatically lose, while the person to finish their bottle first is the winner.

Another great baby shower idea and an excellent way to way to keep your guests thinking and laughing is the tummy game. To play, you will need a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors. Each guest must cut off a piece of string that they think will fit perfectly around the mom’s belly. The prize winner is the guest with the closest guess to the mom’s belly size.

When playing baby shower game ideas, make sure and get all the guests involved, whether they are your parents or husbands. While some games are humorous and some exciting, everyone brings a smile to your and your guest’s face as they guess your tummy size and even race to finish juice in their baby bottle! So have fun with your shower and guests while experiencing new and exciting games.

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