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Stay Protected From UV Rays with These 5 Products

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Summer or not, UV rays are there to harm us. It’s essential for us to protect ourselves from the disadvantages of staying under the sun.

As much as we love to tan, the sun, its heat and beauty, and its UV Rays or ultraviolet rays are harmful to us. Too much exposure to UV ray will cause sunburn, early aging of the skin, eye damage, destruction of the immune system and worst skin cancer.

Yes, being too much sun exposure might give you these problems. Fortunately, we now have products that can help us protect ourselves from the damaging side of the sun.

  1. Clothing Will Help

Clothes can protect our skin from UV rays. Dark colors, long sleeves, pants and dry clothes protect more than light colors and wet fabrics. Keep in mind that even when you’re wrapped with layers of clothing, it can’t guarantee 100% protection from UV rays. It just minimizes the level of exposure but does not combats it. Thus leading us to the second product.

  1. Slopping on Sunscreens

Sunscreens will help protect the skin that cannot be covered by clothing. You can also apply sunscreen  all over your skin since as mentioned above, clothing does not guarantee total protection. UV rays can still get through fabrics.

There are tons of sunscreen products that are available in many forms like ointments, lotions, gels and creams. To the ladies out there, make-up foundations, lipsticks and moisturizer have sunscreens now, so go for those products with this feature.

Always get the SPF 30 or more to properly protect the skin. The higher SPF or the Sun Protection Factor you have, the better. However, this doesn’t mean that one can safely prolong their stay under the sun. It still helps to minimize too much sun exposure as much as you can—unless you really want the natural tan. Just bathe under the sun at your own risk.

  1. Hats

The ideal hat should shade your face and cover the forehead, ears, nose and eyes. Wear a hat that’s stylish; the one who screams “YOU” and, of course, something comfortable.

  1. Wear UV protection sunglasses

There are tons of sunglasses in the market coming all shapes and sizes. However, not everything helps us protect our eyes from the sun. You will need to find UV protection sunglasses if you really want to protect your eyes and the parts around it.

  1. Drink Water

After the hours of staying under the sun, make sure to stay hydrated. Water will help cool down the body temperature after receiving all the scorching rays of the sun. Drink plenty of water, and it will help for sure.

Our skin covers up our entire body, and it should be taken care always. All of these products can be bought in your local department stores or drugstores. They aren’t even that expensive. Curing the problems caused by the UV rays is much more costly than all of these products combined. Your skin should never be taken for granted.

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