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Advantages of Personal Alarms for the Elderly

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An alarm works in the home or in the garden for someone who may need help in an emergency

With increasing awareness of the need for adequate care of the elderly, personal alarms are now in widespread use and more efficient than ever. However, many people still feel uncomfortable about using them. They may feel concerned about the technology involved, or believe that they are imposing upon friends or relatives to name them as contacts in the event of a problem. They may even decide that in some way, owning a personal alarm is an admission of helplessness. But these objections don’t really hold water when weighed against the advantages.

Easy Installation

Many alarms come with instructions on how to set up and test the device. There is no great level of DIY skill involved, but for anyone who really does not want to tackle the job, the alarm suppliers will often perform this task. Otherwise, most people have a friend or relative who will be happy to help. All that is required is a modern telephone socket, with an electric socket close by, preferably within around 10 feet to avoid trailing wires. The base unit, usually around the size of the average answering machine, sits unobtrusively by the phone. This will have a two way loudspeaker to enable communication with the Emergency Response Centre or nominated contact. Once installed, the range of the device is tested, to make sure that it covers the user’s property to the boundaries.


The panic button units of these personal alarms are small, compact and light. They can be worn around the neck like a pendant, or around the wrist. This way the button unit is always conveniently to hand if needed. Thanks to the transmission range available, the user can move anywhere around the house, or into the garden and still be within range of the base unit. Therefore, there is no restriction on the user’s movements. The Emergency Response Operators are always on call, 24/7. Should the button be activated, the operator is ready to talk to the user and determine the problem. They will decide whether a keyholder to the property or the emergency services should be called. If, on activation of the unit, the operator does not hear from the user, then the emergency services are dispatched.

Sense of Security

The user of a personal alarm need never feel alone. As the alarm works in the home or in the garden, help is always just a button press away. This greatly increases the sense of security enjoyed by the user. The alarm is not only for use in the event of a personal mishap – it’s also there in the event of an intruder attempting to gain entry.

Personal Alarm and Personal Peace of Mind

As we grow older we may not be as physically capable as we once were, but there is no shame in that. It happens to us all. Therefore it makes sense to have one less thing to be concerned about. The owner of a personal alarm can feel reassured that help is always at hand, while at the same time maintaining their sense of independence. Moreover, that person’s friends and relatives can also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their loved one is just the press-of-a-button away from help and safety.


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