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5 inspirational quotes to help us through tough patches

I’ve experienced many a difficult patch in my eight years as a parent, and one of the things that’s really helped me through has been inspiring quotes that have reminded me why I’m doing this and what the best way to do it is! So here are five of my favourites: 1. It would be […]

Science, Spirituality and Self-esteem

I have been reading a fascinating book by Lynne McTaggart about quantum physics. Don’t stop reading – I promise this won’t be boring! Now I always used to be really rather sceptical about spiritual things. I wouldn’t have called myself an atheist, but I certainly wouldn’t say that I believed in a single higher power […]

Three Lifestyle Behaviors To Improve Your Physical And Mental Health As A New Mother

Being a mother for the first time is a wonderful, incomparable experience which, naturally, involves a lot of lifestyle changes for the entire family. Not once, new mothers complain about feeling exhausted, feeling ill, or even anxious or depressed. Of course, this is not universal, but some women have a hard time adjusting to not […]