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Three Lifestyle Behaviors To Improve Your Physical And Mental Health As A New Mother

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Being a mother for the first time is a wonderful, incomparable experience which, naturally, involves a lot of lifestyle changes for the entire family. Not once, new mothers complain about feeling exhausted, feeling ill, or even anxious or depressed. Of course, this is not universal, but some women have a hard time adjusting to not going to work for a while, not sleeping as they used to, keeping a diet to get rid of the baby fat, or not seeing their friends for long periods of time. There are a few small, but important changes women have at hand to overcome these issues and enjoy a healthy, joyful life together with their family.

1.       Whenever you feel tired or down, play your favorite music

Listening to music for at least 30 minutes a day doesn’t just lift up your spirit, but also has a positive effect over your cardiovascular system, the researchers from the European Cardiology Society recently showed. Humming on your favorite tunes leads to an increase in your endorphin levels, thus inducing a feeling of happiness. The endorphins act also over your heart, improving its functionality and your capacity to resist prolonged effort with 20%. If you have some time on your hands while the baby is napping, set up a playlist with the music you enjoy and treat yourself with at least half an hour of natural cardiac and psychological health.

2.       Whenever you feel lonely and forgotten, socialize

It’s easier to say than do, and many new mothers face the reality of sometimes being stranded at home with their child, unable to go out and see their friends or make new ones. But being social is even healthier that eating right, sometimes, as it helps keeping your brain challenged, functional and happy. Socializing can be achieved in other ways besides seeing people, at first, although it is the best and most recommended form of it. Specialists say you should take advantage of every chance you get to engage in human relationships, especially if you lack them for a period of time. You can start a blog or read other people’s blogs and comments, getting involved in conversations from the comfort of your home. At least an hour of meaningful talk increases the endorphin levels, relaxes and keeps you thinking.

3.        Whenever you feel exhausted, treat yourself

A hard day’s work with the new-born on your hands, the constant concerns and the countless number of details you are focused on in the same time, may leave you breathless and powerless at the end of the day. Researchers in depression and anxiety recommend women not to fall into the comfortable but dangerous feeling of tiredness, boredom or lack of control. Many new mothers forget about themselves and their wishes and needs, summoning all their powers in the benefit of the child. It is a natural behavior, but in time it leads to a deep state of stress, lack of mood, low self – esteem, sadness and even depression. You shouldn’t feel guilty that when the baby fell asleep, you take 30 minutes of your time to do something that is good for you. Make an effort and treat yourself with a manicure, trying out a new dress you didn’t get to wear yet, a long bubble bath, eating a piece of chocolate or watching your favorite TV show, a phone conversation with a friend, these are some of the life’s small pleasures you shouldn’t deprive yourself of. Giving up on who you are and what you like to do is a dangerous path, not only for your psyche, but for your health altogether.

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