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The BEST Way to Satisfy Ice Cream Cravings

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Okay, so you were warned about cravings. You even trained as a teenager, binging on cheap gallon buckets of ice cream, eating it right out of the container with a tablespoon. But who would have thought that sometimes, you just really, really need to get some ice cream. And not just any ice cream, but the best ice cream.

When you’re five months deep into creating another living being inside you, sometimes you just need to satisfy those urges- and who’s to say, maybe it’s not even you, maybe it’s that little on in there who’s making the demands. Do yourself, no, do both of you a favor and listen to yourselves.

Thankfully, you can satisfy those cravings for ice cream quite easily if you know how to look in the right places. Using a new online platform, you can find the best-reviewed ice cream shops. Whether you’re looking for flavor variety, scheduling availability, or just to see what fits your budget, Groupon’s new platform is going to be a one-stop shop to see where you can meet your needs.

With so many different flavors to try, it’s going to be hard to limit yourself to just one outing. You might want to look into a frequent visitor’s card- you know, the ones with the stamps and all. Speaking from personal experience, gelato shops can get quite a boost in patronage if a third trimester mom to be is within commuting distance.

A word of advice: while you don’t need to go all out and bring an adult bib, don’t put on your Sunday best. That darn drippy stuff has a way of finding its way onto your clothes, thanks to the baby bump that sticks out as a catch-all. If you’re there to satisfy cravings anyway, there’s no need to be in a hurry. Pull up a chair, sit down, put your feet up even, and enjoy some ice cream at leisure. After all, it’s not just you who you’re pampering, but your future child. You both will thank you.

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