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How to Carry Your Toddler When You’re Pregnant

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Carrying things while pregnant can present a bit of a challenge — especially if it’s a not-so-tiny-anymore, wiggly human being. Toddlers are so fun to watch as they walk, run, play and explore, but when it comes to carrying them, it is a different story entirely. And when you’re pregnant and your toddling child is screaming for mommy to hold him, you very well may feel like joining him in his wallowing cries.

Thankfully, there are ways to safely carry your toddler as your belly grows so you and he can still experience the much needed physical connection before the arrival of your new little one. Here are some of those ways and how to execute them comfortably:

  1. On your lap

Standing might be a challenge these days, so there is nothing wrong with reserving much of your cuddling time with your toddler while the two of you sit and read a book or rock in the rocking chair. Sitting prevents you from feeling much of the added pressure on your hips and legs, and sometimes it’s just so nice to sit.

  1. On your hip

While sitting is a great option — as you may very well know with a rambunctious toddler — it is not always an option. And as your belly grows, your lap space shrinks, making it even more difficult to hold your toddler than when standing.

One of the best ways to be able to hold your toddler while still allowing you to see him without the added pressure on your belly, is on your hip. Sure, you can hold him with your own two hands, but it can prove tiresome. This is why having a baby carrier that adjusts to the side is a so awesome, giving the two of you the chance to cuddle even longer.

  1. Off-centered in the front

Sometimes your toddler just wants to be held while laying his head on your shoulder. This is where the side carry is a little difficult, and when you may want to try carrying him a little higher and to the side to keep the pressure off your belly.

Holding him this way could put strain on your back unless you have some good support from a baby carrier. In this case, you might want to consider a sling that you can wrap around your body while keeping him snuggling close to you.

  1. On your back

Perhaps the most comfortable option for both mother and toddler during the growing months of pregnancy is on your back. And while piggy back rides are fun, they often leave the carrier hunched over with little support in the front to maintain posture.

The best baby carriers on the market allow you the option to chose to wear the waist belt above or below your belly to insure optimum comfort. And if mom is comfortable, so is her loveable toddler and her growing baby who will soon joining the family.

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