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How Save Money- and Stress- Moving

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Moving can be a hassle and is likely at the top of most everyone’s “things that I really do not want to do” list. Although planning for and executing a move can be quite difficult and stressful, there are many ways to limit stress levels, and make a move much easier.

First and foremost one of the most important tasks to consider is whether or not you really need to move everything. Many of us have at least a few items that have been around for years, that we have just never gotten around to getting rid of. A move is a good time to go ahead and part with items that are only taking up space. If it takes up space in the home, it goes without saying that the same will be true when it comes to moving. Conserve a little time and effort by ensuring you are only moving things needed, or that are worthy of being kept.

Second, pack everything up yourself. While it might be easier to pay someone to complete this part of a move for you, it can be rather costly and even a bit risky, especially when it comes to fragile items that have a lot of sentimental value. When packing yourself, you can also locate free boxes to use by checking with businesses or local restaurants to see if they have any that they do not need. This is especially true for larger businesses or popular fast-food chains, as they are likely to add stock to their stores more frequently and tend to have an excess of boxes that will otherwise be thrown away. By packing yourself, and locating free boxes this part of the task of moving becomes totally free-at least in terms of money.

Another point to consider is, when possible, planning your move during an off-peak, less busy time of the year. Typically this time will be during the early fall to the late spring when schools and colleges are in session. Of course, avoiding holiday seasons when traffic and other methods of travel are at high volume. During these times of the year, moving companies may even have specials due to the lower number of customers during off-season times when fewer people tend to move. By looking into these times, whether you are planning to use a company to move, or to do it all on your own, you stand to save an average of 40% in comparison to busier times of the year.

Lastly, sometimes using a moving company can be helpful, and even save time and money, especially if you do the physical packing yourself. Due to the fact that companies such as North American Van Lines tend to use or have access to much larger moving vehicles, trips required to move can be reduced dramatically. Though most consider moving companies to be expensive in and of themselves, overall they can be helpful and even save money. Comparing rates for different companies available to you in advance of your move can also be helpful. Compare both rates and previous user reviews to find the best fit for you and your moving needs.

Overall, there are far more ways to save money and time while planning a move than just those listed above. However, these are among the most helpful and money-saving tips. Another key point to remember during a move is that this time should be exciting, not a time of dread and stress. Utilizing the list above can make for a more successful, enjoyable, and money-saving experience, rather than the headache moving typically tends to be.

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