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Blinds for Babies: A One-Fits-All Solution

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It would be fair to say that the blinds industry has exploded over recent years. Gone are the days where a blind is merely comprised of a fabric that covers a window; now there are umpteen styles and designs to choose from and the industry is significantly bigger than it once was.

It means, for most people at least, that decisions are difficult. With so many products, one could argue that consumers are spoilt for choice. This is something which doesn’t apply to the nursery though and most new parents should opt for one blind type and one blind type only.

That blind type is the blackout blind. It doesn’t matter if you have a secret crush on Roman blinds, or quite fancy your little one to ooze a bit of class and have a wooden Venetian product – these are not going to do anything for your sleep (and mood!).

The rule is simple; if your little one is less than a year old (and some parents might stretch this timeframe out even longer, such is the effectiveness of this type of product), you need to cover your window in a blackout solution. Natural light will wake the body up and this is the last thing that any new parent needs.

The beauty about this approach is that blackout blinds are actually quite versatile. You can still choose between a roller and a Roman blind, with both of these products tending to boast countless designs to add a bit of character to your new arrival’s room.

If you’re looking to the future, there are additional considerations though. Another advantage about the blackout blind is the cost and because this is such a traditional product, you won’t be shelling out ridiculous money to get one installed. Therefore, you do need to ask yourself the question on just how long are you intending this blind to last for.

It goes without saying that children’s tastes are always changing. One year it might be balloons, the next it might be the latest Disney characters. Therefore, it’s sometimes an idea to hold back in that first year and just opt for one of the cheaper blackout blinds, in a bid to invest in a more suitable product when your little one demands it. Sure, there is no harm in adding character to a room, but don’t spend silly amounts of money in doing so as there is a big chance that tastes will change.

There’s another factor to consider as well; it surrounds mess. Right now, the windows aren’t in reach. Fast-forward a short period of time and they suddenly become targets for flying paint pots and all sorts of other objects. Most Roman blinds won’t survive the test of time; they are generally constructed from heavy materials which just aren’t suited to regular cleaning. Materials like vinyl and PVC on the other hand are perfect for these types of ‘occasions’ and if you find that your youngster does like dabbling in paints and all sorts of other messy activities, one of these blinds is easily cleaned and should be able to stand for the foreseeable future.

As such, while the blackout blind certainly is the ‘one-fits-all’ solution that we spoke about – also don’t forget that you perhaps shouldn’t be spending bucket loads on this originally. Get the sleep sorted first – and then turn up your budget for one of the more creative and durable product types.

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