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Baby Shower Ideas: Great Baby Shower Invitation Ideas to Get You Started.

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What are the first things you think of when you hear the words “baby shower”? It will most likely be games, gifts, food, and cake. Baby showers are fun for everyone who attends, as the focus is on the cute little bundle of joy that will be arriving soon. If you get the pleasure of planning a baby shower for one of your loved ones, you’ll need to choose one of the many baby shower ideas for your invitations.

Before you choose a theme for the shower and baby shower invitation ideas, you will first want to consider what the mom-to-be likes and dislikes. Does she have any favorite colors or any that she absolutely hates? Is there a theme she has chosen for the baby’s room? Then, you can use this in your baby shower ideas and decorating.

Another thing to consider is whether the mom-to-be has found out if she’s having a boy or a girl. If she has shared this information with everyone, it really will help you create the most appropriate baby shower invitation ideas. With colors of varying pink or blue hues, you can purchase invitations that stand out and use the colors again when decorating for the party.

Be creative with your invitations. You can invite guests to the party by having the information printed on a magnet in the shape of a baby bottle or pacifier. This can then be stuck on the fridge, and no one will forget to attend. Many often choose to print out the small card with information and have it delivered in a small plastic container in the shape of a baby bottle. Go wild with your creativity when doing the invitations.

Keep in mind that certain information on the invitation must be included. The invitation should include the following;

  • who the shower is for
  • the date and time of the baby shower 
  • the address of the baby shower
  • and any recommendations for gifts 

If you want a simple invitation, you will find they will come in many colors, themes, shapes, and sizes. So finding one that will match your decorating theme will not be difficult. Invitations can generally be purchased in packs of eight or more, so make sure you buy a few more than you need, as more guests may be added later.

Do a search online, and you’ll come up with many creative ideas for baby shower decoration and invitation ideas. While you may want to be creative and make your own, keep in mind they can take a lot of time, and sometimes, purchasing beautifully made invitations is the smarter choice. Mom-to-be will love to have the invitation to keep as a souvenir, so make sure you set aside one for her to keep, as well.

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