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A Simple Checklist to Follow When Ordering Flowers Online

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Ordering things online is so convenient, right? You can just browse through all of it the items on an online shop, you can choose to view them by price, add them to your virtual cart, fill out an information form, and then that is it! All you need to do is wait for the items to be delivered to your doorstep.

So it is not surprising to know that even flower shops are doing the same. A lot of people do not have the time to drop by a shop to order dozens of flowers, especially if there is an occasion. The shop is going to be full of people, some of us would rather not be trapped in a crowded shop. There are a lot of online florists nowadays. For Canberra residents, you can have your flowers delivered by Fresh Flowers, and they make it a point to do it on time.

However, the florist’s effort not to delay deliveries is also hinging on the accuracy of the information that you have given them. People sometimes commit error when filling out the information form. You would think that a menial task such as writing your address would not be a problem, but it does happen.

To help you on your next order of flowers here are a couple of reminders to make sure there will be no delays.

Read the information sheet again

Before you click on “Submit”, make sure to read back on the information you have provided again. An error could be just as simple as putting the wrong house number or misspelling a street name. This is especially important if the flowers will not be delivered to you but to the person you want to surprise them with. So double check the information you have given, and if all you have written is accurate, you can submit the form.

Provide additional information relevant to make the delivery

Try to add information that can help the delivery person find the house. Are there landmarks near the place? What is the gate colour? Additionally, inform them about ongoing road constructions that can be a cause for a delay so that they can plan the route properly. You can take this opportunity to provide instructions like making the delivery on a specific time of the day so that the person receiving them is home.

Choose florists within the area

Another way to make sure there will be no delays is choosing a florist that is in the area of the recipient. It will be easier for them to prepare your orders and be able to deliver them without worrying about being late.

Ask about tracking codes

Some online shops have a tracking system so that you can see the progress of the delivery, from leaving the warehouse up until the drop off has been made. If the online florists do not have this service, call them up and ask to be called before and after the delivery. In this way, you can more or less gauge what time the delivery is going to be made.

Make sure to follow this simple checklist, and your flower delivery will go without a hitch. Go on and log on to your trusted online florist and surprise your loved ones with a beautiful ocean of flowers at their doorstep.

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